The Nazi past and present of the WEF

“It should not be forgotten that the Hitlerian myth of superman proceeds directly from Nietzsche. This superman is indeed resolute man, man freed from all the bourgeois conventions, cynical man, man who replaces his creator, and a man-god. As Hitler confided one day to Hermann Rauschning, president of the Danzig senate: ‘National Socialism is more than a religion; it is the will to create superman.'” – Jean-Michel Angebert, “The Occult and the Third Reich” (1974), page 121 of the chapter titled “Nietzsche and Superman”

Adolf Hitler was the world’s most fervent and aggressive eugenicist – until the emergence of the German son of a Nazi war-materials manufacturer, Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum, and its Jewish “False Prophet of Transhumanism” Yuval Noah Harari. Never has there been a man more devoted to the vision of a global “Fourth Reich” than Schwab, and never has there been a Nietzchean acolyte more devoted to fulfilling Hitler’s vision of creating “supermen” from human stock than the Yahweh-hating homosexual Harari. My article “Is this Transhumanism Guru the False Prophet of Revelation?” contains his self-confession of his homosexual lifestyle.

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Harari has that in common with Nietzsche, whose homosexuality and hatred of Judeo-Christian morality Kevin Abrams and I have thoroughly documented in “The Pink Swastika: Homosexuality in the Nazi.” Here’s a sample:

“Among the several men who have been dubbed ‘the Father of National Socialism’ (including Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels), Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1844-1900) is probably most deserving of this distinction, being so labeled by Nazi luminaries Alfred Rosenberg and Hans Frank (Peters:221). Others have called him the ‘Father of Fascism’ (ibid.:ix). Rabidly anti-Christian and a homosexual, Nietzsche notoriously proclaimed that “God is dead” and contributed to the development of existentialist philosophy. Nietzsche’s publisher, Peter Gast, called Nietzsche ‘one of the fiercest anti-Christians and atheists,’ and described his book, The Antichrist, as a ‘ferocious curse” on Christianity (ibid.:119). Nietzsche called Christianity and democracy the moralities of the “weak herd,” and argued for the ‘natural aristocracy’ of the Uuebermensch or superman, whose ‘will to power’ was grounded in the material world.

“According to Macintyre in ‘Forgotten Fatherland: The Search For Elisabeth Nietzsche,’ Frederich Nietzsche never married and had no known female sex partners, but went insane at age 44 and eventually died of syphilis. According to Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, Nietzsche had caught the disease at a homosexual brothel in Genoa, Italy (McIntyre:91f). In 1908, Freud wrote, ‘Nietzsche directed his attention to the only object of research left to him, one which in any case particularly concerned him as a homosexual, namely, his own ego’ (Kohler:214)….” (Lively and Abrams, ‘The Pink Swastika,’ 4th Edition, 2002, page 133 – however the Freud quote is from the expanded 6th edition still being finalized for publication on Jan. 1 2025.)

For his part, Klaus Schwab has devoted his life to pursuing global government ruled by his own handpicked elite. I agree with the calculated assessment of investigators that “Klaus Schwab is the Great Barker of the Fourth Reich,” the documentation for which contention is offered in a series of power-point slides here.

The presentation style is a bit sensationalistic for my taste, but facts are facts, the most relevant to this article being that 1) “Escher Wyss & Co., Klaus’ father Eugen Wilhelm Schwab’s company [that Klaus came to lead] was designated a ‘National Socialist model company’ by Adolf Hitler in 1936 [which] exploited slave labor and Allied POWs during WWII …. [and which] manufactur[ed] heavy water for a Nazi nuclear weapon.” And 2) that Schwab’s hometown and site of the company plant was “Ravensburg … the first Nazi city to implement eugenics,” the law in question authorizing the forced sterilization of the “genetically ill” (similar to then active eugenics laws championed by the “progressive” movement in America).

The main point I want to stress in this article, however, is that what we call “transhumanism” today is nothing less than the satanic vision of Adolf Hitler for a race of “supermen” to rule the world. He did his best to implement that vision through the Aryan human breeding program called “Lebensborn” and through special training for carefully selected young men, mostly from the SS or Hitler Youth in what were called the Ordensbergen (castles of the order). But it was the march of technology that has brought Harari and his disciples close to the means of actualizing Hitler’s vision, proceeding from the same core satanic theology in which mankind becomes its own “man-god,” with the power to breathe life into an assembly line of science-fiction-age semi-human Frankenstein cyborgs designed and augmented to be “better” than himself.

As far as implementation goes, if Schwab has been the 21st century Hitler wanna-be in this macabre drama, then Harari is a cross between Himmler the Manichaen occultist and Goebbels the true-believer propagandist.

But their vision would not have the remotest possibility of realization if Nietzschean hostility to the God of the Bible had not spread and corrupted so much of the world in the century since Nazism first emerged in Germany. A hundred-odd years after top Brownshirt leader Ernst Roehm joined the German homosexual advocacy group called the Society for Human Rights (founded by early Nazi pioneer Hans Kahnert in 1919) the most powerful “democracy” in the world, the United States of America, is embroiled in Antisemitism-driven Brownshirt-style social chaos by gangs of street thugs whose “Pride-wear” is barely hidden behind their Hamas keffiyehs.

The Fourth Reich is emerging around us: an advanced reiteration of history for which Nazi Germany was the dress rehearsal – complete with a “progressive” movement driving ghoulish social policies in tandem with elite totalitarian fanatics suppressing every natural right and freedom through police-state surveillance and constrictions. Socially corrosive sexual deviance among the people has surpassed even that of the Weimar period which collapsed into Nazism under its weight. And global Antisemitism has reemerged like a demonic Phoenix rising from the ashes of the Holocaust. All of this is thanks to the WEF, and a Judeo-Christian civilization unwilling to fight for God’s natural order and biblical foundations which it exists to promulgate and defend.

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Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact [email protected].

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