W.E.B. Du Bois: The epitome of failed, destructive reasoning

There’s no greater example of what the failed communist construct advocated by W.E.B. Du Bois – which was cleverly reformatted and utilized as a cultural and societal biologic that sterilizes a people’s ability think and reason independent of the zeitgeist being used to subjugate and suppress them – than what liberal Democratic neo-Leninists have done to the minds and very souls of those who place all value and self-worth in being a crayon color.

As someone raised to think for himself and to renounce all forms of hatred and stupidity, I’m offended by the cox-combs who purport themselves to be the Talented Tenth, of whom Du Bois posited: Was there ever a nation on God’s fair earth civilized from the bottom upward? Never; it is, ever was, and ever will be from the top downward that culture filters. The “Talented Tenth” rises and pulls all that are worth the saving up to their vantage ground.

The translation: “Colored people” are unable to reason and/or facilitate personal accomplishment except some great “bwana” takes those “that are worth the saving up to their vantage ground” while reducing the unworthy “coloreds” to useful-idiot status. And for the politically correct who are by now gasping for breath because I used the assignation “colored,” I remind you that “colored” is the assignation created by Du Bois so as to heighten the ability to enjoin said people from around the globe into communism. Of course, I could have chosen the assignation we’re told is cultural when mixed with musical rhythms and just referenced them as “niggaz.”

Per Du Bois’ instruction: Is that what the Obama woman is supposed to be doing as she espouses hatred and death by abortion? Is that what Obama is doing when he tells the public he dreams of having sex with men every day? Is that what Whoopi Goldberg is doing as she continues to tell the lie of having an abortion with a coat hanger? (Something I’m told is impossible to accomplish – if said had truthfully been attempted, it would have resulted in her demise.)

This is what people who quantify their self-esteem and self-worth with being a crayon color are foolishly embracing. They embrace a self-limiting, defeatist collaboration that imprisons their minds and constrains their cognitive ability. But, so successful has been this inculcated calculus of melanin-based value that only a few recognize same and even fewer have any interest in extricating themselves from psychological prisons based upon melanin.

Du Bois, using Lenin’s method brainwashing and psychological imprisonment, said: “From the very first, it has been the educated and intelligent of the Negro people that have led and elevated the mass, and the sole obstacles that nullified and retarded their efforts were slavery and race prejudice; for what is slavery but the legalized survival of the unfit and the nullification of the work of natural internal leadership?”

That’s not truth; it’s a communist political grievance agenda. For all of Du Bois’s rhetoric, he was nothing more than a sock-puppet of Lenin. Why a people would limit themselves by adhering to such an asphyxiating system of belief defies logic.

I wasn’t raised to be a crayon color. I wasn’t raised with the belief that to be successful I had to have a crayon-color prefix in front of my name. When I was recognized with the prestigious Conservative Man of the Year Award by the New York State Conservative Party it wasn’t because I was a crayon color. It was because of my indomitable conservative political positions.

Of the many national and regional awards I have been honored to receive, the award I’m most humbled to receive was presented to me by The Marine Corps League – Bob Swanson Det. 1102 awarded me with Honorary Membership in the United States Marine Corps League, the United States Marine Corps League Distinguished Citizen Award, the United States Marine Corps League Distinguished Citizen Award Medal and the United States Marine Corps League Certificate of Appreciation, for, among other things, my exemplary service in the interests of the United States Marine Corps and The Marine Corps League. Said recognition had nothing to do with melanin content.

When I surrendered my life to Christ, my sins were not forgiven because I was crayon color. When God called me to be a minister, it wasn’t because I was a crayon color. When I had successfully completed my educational and service requirements and was fully ordained into my denomination, I wasn’t recognized as a color. I was recognized as a child/man of God called to fulfill the highest calling God bestows upon a man. Said being to preach and teach His Word.

The demonic servitude that controls the mind and character (or lack thereof) of those who elevate being a crayon color to the summum bonum of their existence are at best tragic figures, because everything of value in their lives is based upon a lie.

Black is a color, not a race; and race is a timed speed event, not a nationality. I’m free emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, as are those who reason as I do. We don’t need the likes of godless calumniators to define success or think for us.

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