Who do you think owns the world? Or is the world just a by-product of a Big Bang of energy, and whatever life form got here first has ownership rights? Here’s a few options to that ownership question:

  • The citizens of all nations
  • The citizens of only certain, powerful nations
  • The offspring of early monarchs that governed various areas
  • The militaries of the most powerful nations
  • The Deep State, the Cabal, secret societies
  • The Big Tech titans and corporate billionaires
  • The Devil
  • God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth
  • The church, which is the Bride of Christ

Sometimes, it is hard to identify ownership until a difference of opinion arises between potential owners. How should that be resolved? Who decides which claim is valid?

Finally, what rights does ownership entail? Does owning the Earth mean you own everyone and everything upon it? Or do you simply own the ground under everyone’s feet as in “Stay off my grass!”? Does ownership entail any responsibilities?

If I had to answer based on what I’ve read about since say, World War I, it would be the nations with the victorious militaries in those conflicts believe they own the world. The victors set up governments in the defeated nations, most likely initially in an effort to prevent a recurrence of a future world war. Everyone should have realized that was a temporary step.

Even a plain, simple reading of the Bible takes issue with this worldly approach to government. God seems to prefer the monarch model, with power flowing through bloodlines. The Bible also makes it clear that God establishes kings and removes kings.

My reading of world events is that this is where we are now. Kings, or perhaps more correctly government leaders, are about to be replaced by God’s unseen hand. Most of the modern world, and I dare say the modern church, are going to twist themselves into unrecognizable contortions trying to explain and understand what has happened, because almost no one believes that God is active in the world on behalf of his creation known as humanity. Why would they expect such a thing? They believe that humanity descended from pond scum and that they are the cream of the crop for figuring this out. Thus their explanations for the modern world’s Red Sea moment will surely be entertaining.

Modern churches are quite uncomfortable with the supernatural. The modern world, which will soon experience God’s angel armies carrying out his government-changing directives, will see a vast, military force that they have reduced to lingerie models selling bedtime apparel. A Great Awakening by the modern world and church, indeed.

Do you remember who angel armies call their captain? Look for the nail-scarred hands. He died on a cross about 2,000 years ago. Do you really think that God permitted that execution only to turn His creation of the Earth and humanity over to Satan now?

Wake up, America! Our forefathers made a blood covenant with God, giving him this nation and all future generations of men and women who inhabit it. Satan had his moment of glory at the cross. Satan’s greatest victory remains today and forever his greatest defeat. Why then, do so many Christians and churches bow down in their easy chair before the prince of the power of the airwave, and live as if this war is being fought in the natural world?

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