Woman: Abortionists twisted my case to complain about doctor who tried to save baby

A woman in the United Kingdom has confirmed that she was told by an abortionist to complain about a Christian doctor, already being targeted by a medical tribunal that ordered him not to provide life-saving treatment to women, for giving her help when she needed it.

The woman also alleges that abortionists are manipulating the details of her case to use against the doctor.

The situation involves Dr. Dermot Kearney, who is being represented by Christian Legal Center after he was punished by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service.

He was accused of providing prescriptions to women who had taken the first of two chemicals that are described as an abortion-pill process, and Christian Concern noted it apparently was the first time “a medical doctor has been prohibited from providing a treatment that saves lives.”

In the abortion industry, abortionists provide two chemicals to accomplish a “mail-order” abortion. The first of the two abortion pills, Mifepristone, often kills the unborn child. But it has been documented that women who regret taking that first pill sometimes can reverse the process with a prescription of the natural hormone progesterone, which inhibits the effects of Mifepristone.

Studies suggest that as many as 68% of the chemical abortions can be reversed if the treatment is started fairly soon.

Kearney was punished for help a woman identified as Laura, who initially took the abortion pill and immediately regretted it, then contacting Kearney and getting a prescription that saved her baby.

Now Christian Concern is reporting another women in a crisis pregnancy is speaking out “after she was coerced by a senior member of the abortion industry to create allegations against a doctor who tried to help save her baby’s life.”

Identified only as Kate, the woman is upset that Jonathan Lord, medical director at the MSI Reproductive Choices abortion business, has “harassed her to the point she had to block his number while recovering from serious post-abortion complications.”

She explains her case was used by Lord, without her consent, “to form the basis of a complaint to the General Medical Council regarding Dr. Dermot Kearney’s provision of abortion reversal treatment.”

She also had taken the first pill, and contacted Kearney for help, but ended up losing her baby anyway.

Her complications included multiple ambulance trips to the hospital, a surgery, and an infection.

Then, the report explains, she was contacted by Lord,

In her words: “He said to me that he was glad his NHS colleagues were now looking after me, but all he wanted to know was where I got the progesterone. He tried to manipulate me to say I had concerns about Dr. Kearney’s intervention. He suggested that he could fast-track me through the system to get counseling if I gave him what he wanted. It felt like a passive aggressive bribe and that I wasn’t a human being, I was just another number. I blocked his number because I was very unwell and didn’t want to speak to him. He was insistent that I gave him the information he wanted even though I told him I was unwell. He then followed up with an email and told me the GMC would be in touch about the progesterone. I felt scared and pressurized by him at a time when I was vulnerable.”

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Center, explained, “This is shocking behavior from MSI and Jonathan Lord. They talk about care for women when here there clearly was none. Jonathan Lord is clearly ideologically driven and determined to stop Dr. Kearney who was saving the lives of women and children who have been so badly treated at the hands of the organization he is the medical director for.”

Williams continued, “Jonathan Lord’s behavior throws the whole complaint under a shadow. The General Medical Council should quickly conclude their investigation and exonerate Dr. Kearney. We would also like to see the service Dr Kearney has provided in the past made available to other women.”

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