Biden's DHS secretary facing threat of impeachment if GOP takes House

Alejandro Mayorkas (Video screenshot)

Joe Biden’s secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, could be facing the threat of impeachment if the Republican Party regains the majority of the U.S. House in the fall elections.

And it’s because, regarding the southern border, “He’s turning a blind eye. He has failed the United States. He has failed this country, so he should be impeached.”

That’s the verdict from Mark Morgan, the acting commissioner of U.S. Customers and Border Protection under President Trump, who appeared on “The Daily Signal Podcast” to talk about the invasion issue that is facing Americans.

The comments:

The threat of impeachment, the report explained, comes from a letter 133 House Republicans wrote him this week. They cited “grave questions” about his “suitability for office.”

Morgan previously was chief of U.S. Border Patrol in the Barack Obama administration and now is a visiting fellow at the Heritage Foundation, which publishes the Daily Signal.

Morgan said during the first 14 months of Biden’s tenure, America has had “the worst crisis we’ve ever experienced on a southwest border.”

He provided the numbers: “The first six months of this fiscal year, 1.2 million encounters, over 300,000 ‘got-aways,’ and a couple hundred thousand ‘turn-backs.’ That’s over 1.7 million illegal aliens that have tried to break into this country. That shatters 20-year record highs, and right now it’s getting worse.”

He also noted the fight over Title 42, a public health policy that during COVID was used to turn back invaders during a pandemic, and Morgan said, “I think that saved countless American lives.”

The Biden administration, however, has proposed ending that policy, although a judge has disrupted those plans for the immediate future.

He said, “We’re seeing masses of amounts of illegal aliens that are kind of positioned on the Mexico side right now, waiting for Title 42 to end. When it does, that’s why you’re going to see this additional tsunami come on the tsunami we’ve already faced.”

Morgan further expressed concern about Biden’s various additional programs, including one called “alternatives to detention.”

“Sometimes they put ankle bracelets, now it’s phones. It really doesn’t matter, because at the end, it’s all failure. It’s all about that they do not want to apply consequences. They will not detain anybody,” he said.

“Think about it. You illegally enter the country. They facilitate that. And there’s no consequences and there are no deterrents, because they’re basically systematically ending detention. So, they’re releasing people in the United States, and then they won’t allow [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] to remove them.”

Morgan explained the federal government’s “incapacity” actually is “by design. They are intentionally abdicating their constitutional responsibilities.”

He said it’s to the point that what’s happening could be defined as an “invasion,” and that allows states to “protect themselves from the threats pouring across their border.”

As for Mayorkas, Morgan said, “I do support impeaching Secretary Mayorkas, because look, he knows. He’s a smart guy. He was the former deputy secretary of [the Department of Homeland Security]. He knows that his open-border policies are negatively impacting every aspect of our nation’s public health, safety, and national security. He knows it, but he’s being driven by ideology.”

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