Michigan lawmakers to look at what Zuckerberg's millions did in election

Lawmakers in Michigan are preparing to look into just exactly what was bought and paid for with the millions of dollars leftist Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook handed out to state and local elections officials for the 2020 presidential race.

That race, won by Joe Biden by a few thousand votes over a number of swing states, raise suspicions because of the odd circumstances, such as backpacks full of ballots being dumped into ballot boxes late at night.

One circumstance that could have altered the result is that state and local election officials simply ignored, or changed, state laws regarding mail-in ballots for the election, even though the Constitution allows only state lawmakers to do that.

Another suspicion circumstance that has yet to be full explored is the $350 million that Zuckerberg handed out to mostly leftist vote counters.

Now, the Starnewsnetwork is explaining that Michigan lawmakers reportedly on planning hearings on that controversy.

Earlier, the Michigan Star had documented that a group funded by Zuckerberg’s millions in Michigan paid $11.8 million to two Democrat political consulting firms for “nonpartisan voter education.”

In that state, it was the Center for Election Innovation and Research that handed over to an “inactive Michigan nonprofit, the Michigan Center for Election Law and Administration,” $12 million in September 2020.

It purportedly was for helping voters “figure out how to navigate the supposed complexities” of mail-in ballots, the Star had reported.

MCELA reported it started the year with no money, then got $12,040,000 from the CEIR just before the election, when it spent nearly $11.9 million for two “media strategy” companies that both are linked to Democrats.

Recipients of the huge cash payoffs were Waterfront Strategies, which specializes in media buys for Democrats, and Alper Strategies, another “Democrat-controlled organization.”

Now Starnewsnetwork has revealed a top official inside the Michigan Republican Party said the House Oversight Committee headed by state Rep. Steven Johnson plans a hearing when the lawmakers convene.

Paul Cordes, the Michigan GOP chief of staff, confirmed in the Star report that Johnson “is aware” of the issue and ” is waiting to schedule a hearing when the legislature is in session later…”

The report said, “In addition, State Sen. Ed McBroom (R-38) who chairs the Michigan Senate Oversight Committee, may have his own questions about the MCELA funding. In his controversial June 23 report dismissing most claims of election fraud in the 2020 election, there was one glaring gap. In the section dedicated to an investigation of ‘3rd Party/Private Funds Used for Public Election Activities and Equipment,’ there was no report. Instead, the following sentence appeared:”

“A summary of the work and findings on this issue is not finalized at this time and may be amended to this report at a later date.”

The report explained that multiple officials within the MCELA also are prominent in Democratic activities across the state.

The Starnewsnetwork report suggested, “The question of whether MCELA is indeed nonpartisan, and whether the money sent to Democratic political consultants was used for ‘nonpartisan voter education efforts’ can only be answered by legislative inquiry, probably under subpoena.”

The report suggested among the subjects that could be addressed would be: “The MCELA lists its purpose as ‘nonpartisan voter education.’ Was there ever any board discussion about the appropriateness of spending $12 million with Waterfront Strategies and Alper Strategies, two firms with extensive partisan ties to the Democratic Party?”

“The left funneled hundreds of millions of dollars through scores of pop-up non-profits in the 2020 election to turn government election offices into partisan political campaign offices to benefit Biden’s candidacy,” explained Phill Kline, executive director of the Amistad Project.

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