New Hampshire voters: Biden is a one-term president

President Joe Biden listens during a weekly personnel meeting Thursday, Feb. 4, 2021, in the Oval Office of the White House. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

Voters in New Hampshire, traditionally the first state to express a presidential preference through a primary vote, are of the opinion that Joe Biden is a one-term-and-done office holder.

The Granite State Poll reveals that a majority say they definitely or probably don’t want him on the ballot in 2024.

The poll said that 43% definitely do not want him and 12% probably do not want him, while only 19% definitely do want him to run and 15% probably do.

“Importantly, only 64% of Democrats would like Biden to run again in 2024 while 18% do not want him to run and another 17% are unsure,” the poll.

The poll also said “just over a quarter (27%) of Granite Staters say they definitely (17%) or probably (10%) want [President Donald] Trump to run for president in 2024 while more than two-thirds (69%) definitely (59%) or probably (10%) don’t want him to run in 2024.”

The poll said 59% of Republicans want Trump to run in 2024, down slightly from a month earlier.

That result is completely unsurprising as the state has not voted for a Republican candidate for president in decades. The last GOP candidate who won the state was George W. Bush, who prevailed in 2000 based on only a few thousand votes statewide.

The poll is done by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center, which contacted 1,942 panel members between April 16-20. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.2%.

The results are weighted by respondent sex, age, education, and region of the state.

It also revealed Biden’s job approval is barely above water, with 51% approving of his performance and 47% disapproving.

“Biden’s net approval rating is +89 among Democrats but is -5 among independents and -80 among Republicans,” the survey found.

Liberals (86%) love him but only 7% of conservatives agree.

Voters agree with his work on COVID-19 in distributing vaccines after they were developed under a rush program organized by President Trump, but he’s dead even 47%-47% on approval and disapproval of his economic work.

On other issues, the state is divided similarly to the nation, with Democrats approving of Biden’s plans and Republicans opposing.

Columnist Paul Bedard wrote in Washington Secrets, “Voters in New Hampshire, which hosts the first presidential primary every election year, have seen enough of President Joe Biden to conclude that they do not want him to run for reelection.”

He added, “Biden’s approval rating in the state that plays an outsize role in every presidential primary season has been trending similar to national polls, a potential warning sign for the Democrat who once signaled that he would serve only one term.”

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