State court allows investigations of parents providing 'trans' treatment to children

The state Supreme Court in Texas has issued a ruling that protects one family that filed a lawsuit against a state investigation over the parents’ provision of transgender treatments for a child, but has concluded that state officials can resume child abuse investigations of other parents involved in advocating those treatments for their children.

It was Gov. Greg Abbott, through a directive, several months ago ruled that the state should be investigating parents who impose transgender treatments – which sometimes include surgical mutilation of health body parts – for abuse.

The New York Times said Texas’ high court said Friday that “investigations of parents with transgender children for possible child abuse could continue.”

A lower court had halted those reviews.

But, the Times report added, “the court said that officials could not resume the investigation into the plaintiffs that had brought the lawsuit, a family and a doctor, acknowledging that the inquiry would cause ‘irreparable harm.'”

That dispute still must go to trial.

It was in February that Abbott told state officials to consider certain “medical” treatments to be abuse.

In such cases, children are sometimes given puberty-suppressing chemicals, and sometimes even body-mutilating surgeries, as part of a “treatment” for their condition, in which girls insist they are boys, or boys insist they are girls.

The Joe Biden administration has been 100% involved in the campaign to promote such transgender treatments for children, with one government appointee, Rachel Levine, a man who insists he is a woman, describing the treatments as “medically necessary.”

The state court decision came about in response to a case brought by the parents of a 16-year-old boy who calls himself a girl.

The state’s Department of Family and Protective Services had begun looking into the case, but that, on the court’s decision, will remain halted.

Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton took their arguments to the state Supreme Court explaining the investigations were not an “injury.”

The report said, “The court found that Mr. Abbott and Mr. Paxton could not in fact require certain kinds of investigations by the Department of Family and Protective Services, finding that the agency had discretion over how it conducts its abuse inquiries.”

But the opinion said the decision could apply only to the family involved in the case – not to “nonparties.”

The report noted the governor’s directive already had convinced hospitals in the state to stop providing chemical treatments for transgender youth, and parents were investigating steps to leave the state to continue treatments for their children.

Studies confirm that transgenders have a rate of attempting suicide many times that of children who are not transgender, and further, nearly all children with gender dysphoria issues will resolve themselves happily in their birth gender if they simply are left alone on the issue.

The Biden administration has been using the term “gender-affirming care” to describe the harsh chemical disciplines and even surgical interventions that are used in transgender treatments.

Multiple states in recent months have taken steps to protect children from the ideology that includes chemical and surgical treatments.

The Texas Tribune confirmed the opinion mean that while the family involved in the case cannot be further investigated right now, the state “can once again investigate other families that provide gender-affirming care.”

The court said, “The governor and the attorney general were certainly well within their rights to state their legal and policy views on this topic, but DFPS was not compelled by law to follow them. DFPS’s press statement, however, suggests that DFPS may have considered itself bound by either the governor’s letter, the attorney general’s opinion, or both.”

WND previously reported Biden lashed out angrily at Texas, even though, following the science, changing from male to female or vice versa isn’t possible.

Biden, whose own administration has ordered people to wear masks, to take experimental shots, and stay home from church, claimed the state Texas effort to protect children was “government overreach at its worst.”

The president argued for the politically correct position of letting children have the surgeries, and his HHS secretary, Xavier Becerra, has ordered that state child welfare systems should be used to “advance” the agenda involving LGBT youth.

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