The Obama woman's latest vomitous pity party

It has been said: “When presidents leave office they should also leave the country, less they haunt the new president like a ghost.” I submit that goes for their wives as well – especially if they are named Hillary or Obama.

Heaven knows Hillary is bad enough, but the Obama woman is in a league of her own.

The Obama woman is a dimorphic harridan who fancies herself a beauty and a queen. That said, she’s a “beauty,” as in repulsive not the kind you send flowers.

I am beyond sickened with her kind endlessly complaining how bad America is and how bad it’s been for them. We should all have it as bad as that behemoth-butt, bigoted, hate-mongering contumacious shrew and her ilk. Her kind has no clue what it is to have difficult times.

With the money and influence she and her debaucherous husband have and command – if America is so bad, get out! Move to Cuba or Venezuela.

As I have noted before, whenever the Obama woman needs attention she laments how (sniff, sniff) difficult it has been for her as the first crayon color woman to run roughshod over the White House. (She cannot be called a “lady” even in jest.)

One example of such a pathetic exhibition of same was back in 2015 when she shamelessly fabricated a teary perspective of how bad her life was and how unfair the media were to her, going so far as to tell students at Tuskegee University in Alabama, remarks from political pundits kept her up at night. I submit the only thing that keeps that woman up at night are frequent bathroom trips from the amount of vodka she is alleged to consume daily.

Her latest Negress pity-me party comes as she is hawking her 300-page fantasy book of clichés deal, for which she is supposedly splitting $65 million with her husband.

The Obama woman laments how hard it was for her, because she had to show a modicum of propriety in the White House. She hated the fact that she couldn’t go full-out ghetto-queen. She and her staff supposedly obsessed over whether or not she should wear pantyhose or get braids for her hair. I guess the debate was whether or not the Whoopi Goldberg look would work for her. One can only imagine how strenuous that skull session was.

You know she is lying through teeth when she is spinning these sob stories, but lying about America and We the People of same is all her kind know to do. It’s their chief means of sympathy collecting – and as long as it works, why change the routine?

Somehow racist hebephrenic harridans like the Obama woman, Oprah, Joy Reid, Whoopi Goldberg, Stacey Abrams et al. are never asked what other superpower nation has had a president that’s recognized as a crayon color.

The countries recognized as superpowers in 2022 are China, European Union, India, Russia and of course the United States. Which of the superpowers besides the United States has had a leader recognized as a crayon color?

And while we’re waiting for her and her ilk to answer that question, which of the other superpowers have had six presidents esteemed publications such as HuffPost Black Voices have assured us preceded Obama as the first crayon color president of America? There were six crayon color American presidents before him, claims the HuffPost Black Voices article, which remains unchallenged.

I understand that by their own admission these people are incapable of lying, thus by extension every word that flows off their forked tongues is immutable truth.

It’s like so many of the other truths her kind have told, e.g., the story about the Benghazi terrorist attack being about a couple Muslims being upset over a film; Obamacare, i.e., if you like your doctor you can keep him, there won’t be prohibitive cost increases for coverage; Trump conspired with the Russians; there’s nothing on Hunter’s laptop; and the Trump 2020 presidential election wasn’t stolen, to mention but a few.

In reality the only problem the Obama woman has is finding a place to shed her skin in the Northeast this time of year.

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