It’s not hard to predict the future in a Marxist system: Just study the current strategies, tactics and narratives with an eye toward the history of prior Marxist regimes like George Orwell did. We now recognize that his book “1984” was prophecy framed as fiction.

The Marxist strategy behind this current revolution is obviously the global plandemic of countless COVID variants, with a longer-term (and preferred) fallback strategy of “climate change” running parallel in the background.

The tactics for neutralizing opposition are many but include relentless fear-mongering propaganda, ever-expanding police-state surveillance and intimidation, aggressive ideological censorship and physical containment of the population, and the characterization of dissenters as dangerous enemies of the state.

The narrative signposts that show their path forward are all variations on the old street activist chant: “Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, Born-Again Bigots Go Away.” These categories of people – as they define them – must “go away.” Permanently. In the sense that the intelligentsia “went away” under Chairman Mao, whose “Build Back Better” campaign was called “The Great Leap Forward.”

As has always been true for Cultural Marxists, the LGBT agenda has the highest priority because race wars and radical feminism can only take you so far in destabilizing societies. But sexual anarchy leads ultimately to “transhumanism”: the literal abandonment of male/female human identity in God’s image, which is the deepest foundation-stone of civilization. That’s where an increasing number of young people are today spiritually and ideologically. Pushing them into that “voluntary” rejection of Judeo-Christian civilization is the real goal – the Satanic goal.

These final-stage LGBT anarchist “non-binaries” with their 666 counterfeit genders and matching pronouns have the “reprobate minds” Paul prophesied in Romans 1:18-32. And, being unable or unwilling to grasp the reality of the natural world and its implications, they are slaves to the Matrix-like architects who craft their delusions.

They are zombies lusting to destroy the old order and those who populate it, incapable of understanding or even caring about the ramifications of their actions.

We all understand the concept of predictive programming in Hollywood movies, so consider the relatively recent spate of zombie movies. They all start with a disease pandemic and end with mindless, worldwide, anti-human carnage at the hands of disease-created post-human mutants.

In 2020, the zombie disease escaped Hollywood (or more likely was intentionally released) and went viral in the real world. It was taken live on the streets of America’s cities by the Marxist lesbian founders of Black Lives Matter and their white Antifa co-religionists whose ranks are peppered with sexual deviants of all stripes. It was taken live in the public schools and colleges by the armies of “Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network” (GLSEN) activist teachers and administrators. It was taken live in the corporate boardrooms and newsrooms and Big Tech war-rooms by legions of woke Social Justice Warriors who have infiltrated all our key institutions like malignant spike proteins swarming through the organs of a “vaccinated” host.

But there’s a twist to this Zombie Apocalypse that departs from the script of the modern movies. In these recent depictions the mutants are self-motivated (if only instinctively by the scent of human flesh). But if you go back to the earlier zombie movies of the ’20s through the ’50s, the zombies were usually externally controlled by an evil human master through some form of voodoo or sorcery. That’s the part missing from today’s version. But there ARE real-life dark-hearted puppet-masters behind today’s “night of the living dead” that Hollywood would rather you not notice.

What will move the emerging Zombie Apocalypse from this relatively tame stage to a more serious outbreak? Just extrapolate from the strategy, tactics and narratives.

The elites have already begun to declare racism a public health crisis, attempting to put the full weight of plandemic tactics and resources behind combating “White Supremacy” as if it were akin to a COVID variant. Expect more of that, and perhaps a variant associated with the “crisis” of sexism. But the BIG one – the delta times omicron squared – will be declaring “homophobia” a threat to public health. “Homophobia” is an invented anti-Christian/anti-conservative slur perfectly suited to this purpose since 1) a “phobia” is an anxiety disorder, and 2) the left denies there is ANY legitimate basis for opposition to the LGBT agenda: all disapproval is de facto evidence of mental illness.

More significantly, disapproval of anything LGBT has for years been characterized as an attack on the identity of sufferers, not a reasoned-based dissent from the pseudo-science of sexual orientation theory or disagreement with the LGBT political agenda. Thus, the campaign to stamp out the “pandemic of homophobia” will almost certainly be interpreted as a socially sanctioned open season on social conservatives.

Mao and Stalin followed the traditional Marxist emphasis on economics to overthrow and replace the existing order, so they purged the rich and upper classes. Cultural Marxists focus on the social issues and embrace Herbert Marcuse’s objective: the “disintegration of the … monogamic and patriarchal family.” After their anti-racism campaign is in full swing (or tabled due to push-back), the next campaign will be “anti-homophobia” as surely as transgenderism has followed “gay rights” in the cultural and political realms.

The left (including the RINOs) are eager to purge social conservatives, and they have a large and growing army of mindless zombies ready to unleash for the purpose – unless we social conservatives take back the country in 2022 and ’24.

Mark my words, the Zombie Apocalypse is rising. Get active or get eaten.

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