Gab launches brand-new job board to help unvaccinated Americans

The No Vax Mandate Job Board at declares ‘Now Hiring!’

While vaccine mandates continue to sweep the nation in connection the fight against COVID-19, the free-speech social-media site on Tuesday launched a “No Vax Mandate Job Board” to help American employers and workers who want nothing to do with the shots.

“Is your current employer forcing you to inject a foreign substance into your body in order to retain work?” asked Andrew Torba, CEO of Gab. “Are you a business owner who doesn’t do this and is looking to hire? Join the No Vax Mandate Job Board on Gab.”

Torba says he created the group “in light of the Biden Administration encouraging employers to mandate vaccines in order to retain employment while ironically not requiring vaccination mandates for their own staff.”

“This job board is for sharing job openings that do not require employees to inject themselves with an experimental substance or violate their bodily autonomy and religious beliefs in order to retain employment. This is also a board for job seekers to share their resume, skills, and story.

“At Gab we do not require our employees to be vaccinated. In fact we don’t pry into any of the personal health choices of our team because frankly it’s none of our business. We know there are many businesses who share these values with us and many people looking to work for those businesses.”

Andrew Torba, CEO of (Video screenshot)

“As Facebook and other Big Tech giants work to silence and ‘fact check’ any and all vaccine dissent, Gab remains committed to mission of being the home of free speech, individual sovereignty, and the free flow of information online.”

Torba is offering a job-posting template for the group, encouraging users to copy, paste and fill it out:

For Employers

About Our Business:

About The Position:

Location: (is remote an option?)



Start Date:


Contact and Additional Information:

Already a variety of employers are letting people know that they’re hiring without forcing people to receive a COVID-19 jab.

There are also comments from those seeking work, including:

  • “I’ve been in healthcare for 30 years. DME, Respiratory and Sleep Disorders. Need a new job due to a mandate.”
  • “I was fired because of Hobby Lobby’s vaxed vs. unvaxed segregation policy.”
  • “Without exemptions, my husband will be let go on October 29th. He has 26 years with the same company. He is a mechanical engineer, has done many years of management, and energy manager for 2 years. We are in the north Texas area.”
  • “Plumber looking for work in the northern Michigan area, where I plan to move to in a few weeks or months. 3 years of experience, specializing in new construction.”
  • “Oh it’s coming for our outpatient radiology office in Florida…our owner lives in Alabama. Right now it’s only managers who are mandated…which I told them was odd to begin with. So if this comes down to us, our entire radiology office will be let go. From front desk receptionist to insurance to technologists. Maybe someone could just buy us out from our crazy owner.”

One person who didn’t mention a personal need for employment noted, “I think all those fired for not wanting a Vax need big class action lawsuits. Get together now.”

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