India is showing us how to hold Fauci accountable

At some point, public complacency becomes worn out and exhausted, because people will only endure their loss of freedoms and rights “for the greater common good” for so long.

And once they’ve become convinced that they’ve been duped by the so-called ruling class, a light switch is flipped and it’s game-on for massive pushback.

When it comes to COVID-19, we’ve reached this critical mass of understanding in America. And we’re not the only ones, because the same thing is happening in other countries across the globe.

Unfortunately, our country doesn’t find itself as the world’s leader in holding those who created deadly policies related to COVID-19 accountable. No, it’s the nation of India that finds itself in that enviable position.

As such, the American public should pay very, very close attention to India’s lead and what they are now doing to hold people accountable.

Early in the pandemic, India was plagued with the same COVID-related problems as the United States. And just as in the U.S. early on, parts of India’s medical establishment did everything in its power to suppress the use of readily available medications for the early treatment of COVID-19.

Similar to the U.S., this policy was pursued in India in order to provide a legal justification for the emergency use of experimental COVID-19 vaccines.

Both republics have laws on the books that preclude the issuance of EUA (emergency use authorization) for new vaccines when treatments for the particular disease exist.

So, to get around this restriction, portions of India’s medical establishment sought to expunge the reality of existing effective treatments in order to promulgate the dispensing of experimental vaccines among the masses via EUA.

And America witnessed exactly the same thing under Anthony Fauci.

There is plenty of debate over why this was done; whether sinister, for profit, incompetence, or some combination of these things, and it isn’t the purpose of this article to join that debate.

The focus of this piece is on that which can no longer be credibly disputed. Namely, the effectiveness of available drug regimens such as described by Dr. Peter McCullough et al. and modified by others to treat COVID-19 early in the course of the disease and consequently reduce the outcomes of hospitalization and death by about 75%.

Our government officials at both state and federal levels have known of this reality for some time. And there’s no lack of further testimony to be found on social media from experts such as Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Richard Urso and many others.

But despite all of this readily available expert testimony (of which only a miniscule amount is linked here), the American medical and political establishments deny to this day the existence of effective early treatment of COVID-19 via existing drugs.

Even more troubling, and probably the biggest driver of theories of vaccine sinister intent, is the medical and political establishment’s denials of the effectiveness of immunity conferred by previous infection/recovery from COVID-19.

This denial has resulted in a number of false media narratives including the idea that the recovered population is somehow creating dangers to others due to “lack of vaccination” and the idea that this population somehow remains “vulnerable.”

And alarmingly, the most vocal among our establishments fail even to distinguish between those uninfected/unvaccinated and those recovered/unvaccinated!

The problems with these false narratives and omissions are nothing short of breathtaking.

First, long-established principles of epidemiology and virology are now claimed to have become obsolete when it comes to COVID-19. This false claim says that the recovered asymptomatic person somehow possesses a viral load necessary to be contagious. It’s a truly ridiculous claim made despite the historic teachings in these fields of study and despite the expert testimony of those most knowledgeable in the fields.

Second, our establishments are claiming that the immunity conferred via an immune system response to a single, specific variant spike protein is somehow greater than the immunity conferred via an immune system response to the entire actual virus, including any variants that may arise during the course of infection. This is a truly asinine assertion that is both demonstrably false and in contradiction to expert testimony.

And never mind that even Pfizer doesn’t claim their vaccine will provide immunity. They only claim it might reduce severity of infection.

But that aside, the most vocal individuals within the medical establishment who are making all of these false claims about the supposed lack of effective early treatments are doing so to their own legal peril.

Because persons who created policies based on these kinds of falsehoods in other parts of the world are now facing consequences for all of the deaths they caused with their policies.

And those consequences will be coming to those who did the same thing in America.

In India, the Bar Association is now suing one person within their medical establishment (with a position similar in influence and visibility as Fauci in the U.S.) for suppressing as a matter of public policy, the reality of effective early treatments for COVID-19 via existing drugs.

It’s a legal action that is designed to culminate in the criminal prosecution of this person for each death of an individual denied access to early treatment with existing drugs, because of this person’s policies.

And due to his vocal role in suppressing early treatments of COVID-19 using available drugs, Anthony Fauci should be the first to be similarly prosecuted in America.

Anthony Fauci’s policies of disinformation against early treatment using existing drugs have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of an estimated 323,000 Americans, as calculated as a time weighted rate to account for the early learning curve for these treatments and based on current metadata. This equates to an approximately 50% cumulative rate in unnecessary deaths to date, and climbing.

These numbers are inexcusable.

And India is showing us how to hold these kinds of people accountable.

It’s time to follow their lead.

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